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Multiple barrel thermoplastics injection molding Multiple barrel thermoplastics injection molding analysis is used to simulate the injection of a single material, so the part fills more quickly and packs more evenly. Multiple-barrel reactive molding The following analysis sequence is available for the multiple-barrel reactive molding process:

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Multiple barrel injection molding uses two or more barrels to inject one or more materials. Multiple barrel thermoplastics injection molding supports the injection of one material using up to 15 sub barrels. Multiple barrel reactive molding supports the injection of multiple materials using up to 10 sub barrels

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Barrels are normally made in four materials. Nitralloy nitride, D2, CPM 10V and Carbide. These materials handle just about any resins that can be used in the plastics industry. Nitralloy Nitride is the most common because it is used on all General Purpose application and normally comes standard on all OEM machines.

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Generally 70% to 90% of the energy necessary to melt the plastic comes from this compressing, friction, and screw-rotation combination. The flights of the screw shave the melt film on the barrel wall and push it forward to the final section of the screw. Learn more about Injection Molding in the Injection Molding Know How section.

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Thus, if the shot is a large portion of the barrel capacity, I set the rear zone high, perhaps 490 F (255 C). If the shot is less than 40% of the barrel, the rear zone would be lower, 465 F (240 C), to ensure there is no melt formed in the feed section to block venting. For an amorphous resin I do not raise the rear zone.

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Injection Moulding screw barrels are easiest type of screw barrels as they are simple and have less flights compared to body ratio. One important thing to be noted while procuring injection molding screw barrel is you must have drawing of your screw, otherwise a manufacturer will charge much more than the original cost of that shaft.

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ENGEL, as the world market leader in injection moulding, offers innovative injection moulding machines from 280 KN to 55000 kN clamping force, hydraulic, all-electric, horizontal and vertical solutions. ENGEL injection moulding machines are used in automotive & mobility, packaging, consumer electronics, medical technology and technical ...

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Remedies: Mold design: Check if the exhaust position is sufficient Process: (1) Choose the right injection molding machine and mold (2) When switching materials, clean the old materials completely from the barrel (3) Improve the exhaust system (4)Reduce melt temperature, injection pressure or injection speed.

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